Pulse Batteries @copy; Setting A New Standard in Lithium Polymer Technology

Pulse batteries bring a new level of power to the RC scene, based upon cutting edge lithium polymer technology, and taking advantage of all the technological gains within this amazing industry. Pulse is about power & performance at a cost that can be afforded. No longer does premium power come at a premium price Pulse delivers it all in one pulse quickening punch. With the latest power systems available, previous batteries simply can't hold up to the intense abuse delivered by extreme draw brushless power plants, which are common place today. Pulse delivers intense power for intense pilots, and when it comes to value, Pulse simply can't be beat.
Feel the pulse, and grab a new Pulse Battery for your 3D demands!

What Would You Like Next?

Pulse batteries are all about you. We at Pulse are always striving for the next level of performance, and we want to make sure your applications are met. If you can\'t find a Pulse battery that meets the needs of your application, we want to hear about it. Whether it is capacity, size, cell count, layout, or C rating, we want to work on the next evolution of Pulse batteries, and we want you to be a part of it.

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