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Viper Jet 140 - Blink, And It's Gone.

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Bat outta hell speed requires a very specialized design, and for those in search of the true quest of mach level thrills, the boys & girls at Harlock RC bring forth the Viper Jet 140 in all its stunning glory. Speed demons rejoice - your chariot has arrived.

Designed as an advanced pilots dream, the Viper Jet 140 is stunning in design and form, with its swept wing design, dual air inlets and a purpose built layout that is ready to scream with an EDF howl or a pure turbine roar. Pair this with a fully functioning retract system, and it's easy to see that every aspect of this machine was purpose built with full on scale functionality that is designed to thrill both on the ground, and in the skies above.

ISDT FD-100 Discharger - Laziness & Procrastination Has Met Its Match.

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Okay - I am fully aware that there is nothing "ultra exciting" about a product like this, especially when compared to other hot helis, jets and other bits and bobs of pure RC goodness. So why get excited (at all?) over something like a discharger? Well, if you're anything like me and have a poor habit of storage charging after a long fly day, this device may be the saving grace you're in search of.

LiPo batteries have certainly dropped in price over the years, but there is still an investment in such purchases - especially when you have many on hand. So, taking care of your batteries is key to maximizing the life of said batteries, and for me, that means making sure all my LiPo batteries are all properly storage charged at the end of my day of flying, or at the very least, the following day. However, more often than not, that doesn't happen, which is why the ISDT FD-100 will be my new best friend once the flying day has commenced.

The Pulse Defender - And How It Could Have Spared A Broken Heart.

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It was literally the perfect day. Gorgeous weather, great friends, nearly zero wind, and best of all, a killer plane - my 3D Hobby Shop 60" Yak-55M. You don't get too many days like this, and so far, the day had been exceptional, with back to back flights and a whole lot of RC fun.

My Yak-55M was a seasoned veteran, with three epic seasons of flying under her belt. From Russia with love, this plane was a pure joy to fly, and was no doubt the best flying aircraft I had ever flown. Powered by a T-Motor 4120-7 550kV power house that was harnessed to a 16x7 prop, endless verticals awaited. This plane was rock solid, predictable and massively fun to fly.

As with all RC aircraft, somewhere precariously hidden from sight is an expiration date, equating to the doom of your beloved bird. I have yet to find one on the models I fly, but it's there - lurking, waiting and ready to strike with impunity. And unless you manage to unearth the ominous date of your prized models demise, a crash is going to happen, and it's going to hurt. And man, did this one hurt bad.

Getting the Best Out of Your LiPo Batteries.

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LiPo batteries are just plain awesome. With a rich energy density that equates to extended run times & epic levels of power, LiPo batteries make our hobby great. And since LiPo batteries are absolutely critical in every respect when it comes to our RC applications, it makes perfect sense to take care of these batteries in order to maximize the performance & cycle life LiPo batteries have to offer.

Even though LiPo batteries have dropped in price by a very large margin over the passing years, these batteries are still an investment - especially when it comes to larger packs for bigger RC applications. So, when it comes to maximizing cycle life and overall performance, here's some tips we want to share with you, because we want to make sure your LiPo experience is an epic one.

SAB AVIO KR84 Tortuga - Epic Speed Awaits.

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Have a need for speed? Boy, do we have the fix for you. When it comes to epic levels of speed, the boys & girls at SAB have a new fixed wing division under the guise of "SAB AVIO", and they have been hard at work (and play) with some radical new aircraft that are destined to shake up the marketplace and bring some serious speed to the mix. And when we say speed, we mean it. So, strap in and get ready to turn and burn, as SAB has some delicious bits of go fast goodness that is ready to be served up hot and fast.

LiPo Battery Safety - It's Worth Your Effort.

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Lithium Polymer batteries have absolutely transformed the RC hobby on every level possible, and without doubt, has made the greatest positive impact when it comes to our RC hobby. From amazing power to extended run time, LiPo batteries continue to improve with ultra fast charge times, better quality and cycle life, and best of all, reduced pricing.

However, when it comes to LiPo battery safety, it's paramount that you take the extra precaution when using LiPo based batteries, as misuse, abuse and negligence can equate to fire, property damage, injury, or in the most extreme of cases, death. Simply put, LiPo safety is worth your effort.

Our Best Cheap RC Helicopters For Beginners.

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Looking to get started in RC helis? A bit worried about the complexity and difficulty of flight? Not ready to invest a lot of money? No problem - we have the perfect fit for you, and even better, helicopters are no longer the niche based aircraft they once were, with all types of beginner friendly machines that are easy to fly, cheap to fix, and best of all, ultra low in cost to get your foot into the door when it comes to the pure bliss of helicopter flight.

SAB Goblin 770 Sport - The Beast Is Back.

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SAB continues their forward march of heli domination with new and improved models at exceptionally low cost when compared to years ago. And despite a cooling in heli demand, SAB is unrelenting in their pace as they refine & update new and improved models that make it hard for any pilot to resist the buy button when it comes to one of their gorgeous Italian machines. And as for their latest machine, you ask? The Goblin 770 Sport Edition. Oh yes - the beast is back, and she's better than ever.

How To Choose A LiPo Battery For Your RC Needs.

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Lithium Polymer batteries have been the ultimate game changer in RC, and if you're old enough to recall those dreaded NiMh / NiCd days of endless charge times and ultra low run times (shudder), you will count your lucky starts that we are in the age of fast charge, high power electric performance that is not only epic in power, but affordable as well. Thank you, China.

In the age of LiPo batteries, choosing a LiPo battery for your RC needs can be MASSIVELY overwhelming. Seriously. From voltage, mAh, charge ratings, discharge ratings, dimensions, brands and more, it can be a formidable challenge for an average RC enthusiast and a chasm-like expanse for someone new to the RC mix.

But don't worry - we're here to help, and we've laid out the below info to help demystify the LiPo world and make your next LiPo purchase an enjoyable one, versus a frustrating endeavor that ends in pure Luddite rage.

Our 5 Favorite Helis.

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We love helicopters (our "HeliDirect" brand is kind of a giveaway), and when it comes to choosing our favorite machines, it gets tough - quickly. With a mature and sophisticated helicopter market, there is a large array of high quality choices available, and selection varies deep and wide when it comes to finding the next perfect machine.

Even though it was tough, we have selected 5 of our favorite machines that have been chosen from multiple brand names as a way to spread the love and share our thoughts on these wicked 3D machines. Take a peek at our selections, and don't blame us (too much, at least) if you find one of these kits in your shopping cart, because in the end, you'll love us that much more when you take flight with one of these stunning machines.