Pulse Ultra Lithium Battery Dealer Info

Thank you for your interest in Pulse Ultra Lithium Polymer Batteries - Power Redefined. At Pulse Ultra, we offer premium LiPo battery technology and capability within the RC industry, adapting to a myriad of RC applications. With exponential growth and a recognized brand name industry wide, Pulse Ultra is the pinnacle choice for pro level pilots and more, offering an array of battery sizes, voltages, capacities and beyond.

For the optimal choice in battery technology for helicopter, multi rotor, airplane applications and beyond, Pulse Ultra lithium polymer batteries live up to their name, seen by many within the industry as the very best in lithium polymer power.

Pulse Battery is currently distributed by HeliDirect Wholesale. If you are interested in become a dealer for Pulse, please contact us and apply for dealer via HeliDirect Wholesale through this link:


Pulse Battery Dealers
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