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Thank you for your interest in Pulse Ultra Lithium Polymer Batteries - Power Redefined. At Pulse Ultra, we offer premium LiPo battery technology and capability within the RC industry, adapting to a myriad of RC applications. With exponential growth and a recognized brand name industry wide, Pulse Ultra is the pinnacle choice for pro level pilots and more, offering an array of battery sizes, voltages, capacities and beyond.

Providing massive power & performance at costs levels simply unheard of, Pulse Ultra has redefined lithium based battery technology, providing stellar performance, power and reliability that can be seen, felt and heard.

For the optimal choice in battery technology for helicopter, multi rotor, airplane applications and beyond, Pulse Ultra lithium polymer batteries live up to their name, seen by many within the industry as the very best in lithium polymer power.

Become a Dealer

Please scan and email this application with the above request documents to or fax it to 978-703-4774. We will contact you after we receive your application.

 We thank you for your interest in Pulse Ultra Lithium Batteries, and have laid out the below information & requirements to better assist you in establishing an account to carry Pulse Ultra lithium polymer batteries.

Pulse Ultra LiPo batteries are solely and exclusively distributed via HeliDirect Wholesale, as noted via the contact information below. We also offer direct drop ship from the manufacturer in the case of special international shipping needs due to new LiPo shipping regulations.

Once your account has been established via HeliDirect Wholesale, you may begin sourcing the Pulse Ultra batteries of your choice.

In regards to the distribution of Pulse Ultra batteries, please make note that for all USA based Pulse battery sales, Prestige RC is the dedicated Pulse Ultra battery supplier, and all Pulse Ultra battery sales within the USA will be directed through Prestige RC.
If you are looking to source Pulse Ultra batteries and are located within the USA, please reach out to Prestige RC by visiting the website and selecting the "Dealers" tab to sign up an account with Prestige RC. Once approved, all Pulse Ultra batteries can be sourced via Prestige RC for USA based dealers.

In regards to international based dealers outside the USA, for Pulse Ultra battery purchase, Pulse Ultra will directly distribute to all international channels outside of the USA.
For international accounts outside of the USA, please visit the "Dealers" tab via and our reps will assist with your account relating to Pulse Ultra battery purchase.

Pulse Ultra Lithium Polymer Batteries - Power Redefined.

Dealer Terms & Requirements:


#1: Must be a legitimate registered RC based business in your state/province and country with proof of Company Registration and Federal GST and Provincial PST Tax ID.

#2: Must have a company website or a physical location associated directly with an established RC based business name with corresponding RC based products. If any sales are made via eBay, the specific / exact eBay store must be noted within your account information, and if approved, no further eBay accounts may be utilized for sale of Pulse Ultra batteries. If other eBay accounts related to your site / store are found in relation to sale of Pulse Ultra batteries, your account can be suspended or terminated completely.

#3: Must follow all MSRP/MAP pricing, and strictly abide by our Dealer Terms at all times. We enforce our MAP policy in strict fashion - if a MAP violation occurs, a warning will be issued, along with possible account suspension, based upon the issue(s) at hand. If a 2nd MAP violation is made note of, we have full right to terminate the associated account completely.

#4: All orders must be paid in full before we ship out.
  + For US Based Dealers: Payment can be made via Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer.
  + For International Dealers: Bank Wire Transfer Only.

#5: Pulse battery pricing does not include applicable shipping costs, based upon your location.

#6: Minimum Order Requirement for 1st international order is $3000.00, with a 30% deposit for pre-order(s). Battery shipments will be produced in about (2) months for international orders.

#7: Please check our guarantee policies here.

#8: We will ship via UPS and FedEx for US dealer and TNT for international based dealers ( From China based factory) - excluding Brazil. To save shipping cost, you can alert us of a forwarder in China, and we can offer free shipping of your battery order to your forwarder of choice.


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