Important Update!

Your new PULSE experience awaits! Please check your email for your account activation.  Just click on that link and input an updated password, and once you select "Activate Account," your new PULSE account will be set, with all your account information available

If you haven't received any email, please contact us to resend you the activation email.  Or the alternative is just go ahead and create a new account. If the email you entered during account creation matches with your existing account, it will merge and resend you the activation email again.  

Best of all, once your PULSE account has been activated, you will receive (100) reward points, plus a 10% OFF coupon applicable towards an order.
If you still have issues with this login, please leave a comment here or submit a ticket and we will try to resolve this quickly for you.  
Even you can't reset your account yet, you still able to purchase and check out as Guest without any login.

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